Californians Building Bridges
Founded: 2010

Board of Directors
Darius Anderson, President
Jim Bruner, Secretary​
Senator Kevin Murray, Treasurer
Cindy Testa McCullagh
Luanne Morikawa

Our Team

Kriste Perez

Ellen Morales

Leticia Leon Plasencia

Advice and Expertise on Travel to Cuba

Changes to United States regulations regarding travel to Cuba went into effect on June 5, 2019. The "people-to-people" travel license that we previously used to legally host groups to the island has been eliminated from the list of permitted travel categories. As such, we will no longer be hosting group trips at this time. However, we remain committed to our mission to foster ongoing relationships with the Cuban people.

If you are interested in travelling to Cuba as an individual or small group, we would be happy to provide you with advice and guidance on how to qualify to use the "Support for the Cuban People" U.S. travel license, which is still in effect. Please contact us at or call (866) 850-3720 for information. 

Our Focus

Benefit Events for Cuban Children & Families 

View our "Past Events" page and "Contact Us" page for information about previous and current fundraising events, as well as ongoing charitable activities we support.

For more information about making a financial contribution or donating supplies for a local non-governmental organization in Cuba, contact or call 866-850-3720.

Californians Building Bridges (CBB) is a 501 c (3) organization that supports cultural, humanitarian and entrepreneurial exchange between the people of Cuba and California. CBB's leadership first began building bridges between California and Cuba in 2002. Since CBB's establishment in 2010, CBB has sponsored more than 125 delegation visits to Cuba. These programs offered a unique blend of experience and insight into Cuban policy, culture, art and the emerging private sector. 

Recent changes to United States travel policies mean that we are no longer able to offer these types of trips under the former "people-to-people" travel license, as it has been eliminated from the allowed travel categories.