Californians building bridges

About us

Californians Building Bridges (CBB) was founded in 2010 on the principal of joining together communities by providing greater opportunities to those who are economically deprived and merging cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religious affiliations.

The Golden Gate Bridge, built in 1937, changed the opinions and lives of millions living in Northern California by unifying communities, integrating ethnicities and customs, and increasing economic prosperity to the entire region. Like the Golden Gate, CBB brings experience, resources and innovation to people and organizations that are disadvantaged and builds new opportunities for their humanitarian projects to succeed. 

CBB will identify and reach out to communities in crisis to create grassroots strategies, which link their constituents with resources that translate into empowered communities. CBB prides itself on building a foundation, creating a structure and building a "bridge" that gives communities hope, basic tools, and an opportunity to change their way of thinking and rise to the occasion to improve their own lives. Contact us today about opportunities to donate to Californians Building Bridges, attend our cultural events and fundraisers, and participate in our program and experience Cuba for yourself.