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In partnership with Father Usera’s Daycare Center, a private organization serving local families in Havana, CBB has directed funds towards families in need of relief from the effects of the following recent natural disasters:

Hurricane Irma Relief in 2017 

Hurricane Irma hit the island on the evening of September  8th, 2017 as a Category 5 storm, tearing through the entire country harder than anyone had predicted. The high winds tore roofs from buildings, uprooted trees, toppled power lines, and blocked roads across central and northern Cuba. Coastal towns and cities were swamped and low-lying neighborhoods in Havana were flooded by storm surge waters.

Havana Tornado Relief in 2019

On January 28th, 2019 a violent nighttime F4 tornado struck the eastern side of Havana, killing 6 people and injuring 193 others, some critically. This was the strongest tornado to strike Cuba in nearly 80 years. Ninety  homes completely collapsed  and 30 were badly damaged or partially collapsed. Many vehicles were thrown into buildings, crushed by falling debris, or were tossed and mangled beyond recognition. Numerous trees and power poles were snapped as well. 

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Cultural Exchange

Californians Building Bridges (CBB) is a 501 c (3) organization that encourages and supports cultural, humanitarian and entrepreneurial exchange between the people of Cuba and California.

Our organization is focused on developing relationships between Cubans and Californians to encourage a deeper understanding of both American and Cuban culture, to promote our shared values and dreams for an economically prosperous future for Cuba, and to foster an open-minded relationship between our countries - within the confines of our governments’ limitations.​ 

This is an especially challenging time in Cuba due to current economic conditions, and our support of the Cuban people is needed now more than ever. 

​​Our federal tax identification number is 27-3261715​